Community and Outreach

We believe in giving back. Bauknecht Altmeyer Funeral Home is dedicated to this philosophy and we do our best to show it everyday. There are so many great people, organizations and events that we are involved with throughout the community. We also believe that it is important to educate about funeral service.

It used to be that funeral homes did not promote their community support because it was a different time and there wasn’t much interest. We believe people have an interest in what we are doing and want to know about our involvement in the community, as well as the practice of caring for their loved ones.  In this age of technology, and with the innovative nature of our leader Jimmy Altmeyer, we are very open and enthusiastic about sharing our knowledge and expertise about funeral service.

We have a passion for healing experiences and it shows in every detail of every event we coordinate for those we serve. We are available to talk to your family, group or event about:

  • funeral service
  • cremations
  • life celebrations
  • memorial events
  • veterans benefits
  • preplanning
  • anatomical donations
  • customs
  • area grief resources

We offer many resources to various local organizations and would be happy to help yours.