Condolences for Mary L. Nice


Sheila Cochran posted on 10/28/19

Prayers for the Family Sorry for your loss Your mother was a nice carry person



Frances D. Wright posted on 10/27/19

I never really knew Mary. Only thru Carol and Alta. Thru them and there Love of there Mother. It will take a great time for her Daughters and GrandDaughters as well as her GrandSon to get over their loss. It my not make much help right now.......... As long as You have Mary in YOUR HEARTS SHE WILL ALWAYS BE WITH YOU. MARY HAS PASSED ON A FAR BETTER PLACE FOR NOW SHE IS WITH OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST AND THE MAKER OF ALL LIFE ON THIS WORLD "GOD". MARY WILL BE THERE AWAITING FOR YOU WITH LOVE AND JOY.