Condolences for Norma P. Cavicchia

Jim and Tina Busack posted on 12/8/19

Our condolences to Rick and family. Norma and Ronnie were outstanding people, each in his own way, but both having an important effect on me. Ronnie had a tremendous personality, and as I’ve said before, as a child knowing Ronnie and others of his friends, I thought everyone in the world was so gregarious and personable. I liked and respected Norma greatly for her goodness and common sense. I trusted her advice and always looked forward to seeing her. We all had a strong bond going back to 19th Street where Norma and Ronnie were close friends with Marie, Mag, and Frank. I can still remember Norma and Marie deep in conversation having coffee in Marie’s kitchen. Also, I can still see everyone sitting in the breezeway drinking lemonade and talking while children were playing ball in the alley. What great times! Norma led an exemplary life and May she Rest In Peace.


Kathy Bruner posted on 12/8/19

Mr. and Mrs. Cavicchia were two of the most special people I was ever blessed to know. I lived across the street from them for 4 years in the late 70s and they became my extended family. They often invited me for dinner and Mr. Cavicchia was never shy about letting me know if I was wearing too much makeup : ) They were wonderful role models who taught me the importance of civic responsibility and Mrs. Cavicchia left a lasting impression on me with her work ethic and professionalism. They held themselves to a very high standard, which made me want to do and be my best. I will always be grateful that fate lead me to be their neighbor and the influence they had on my life. They spoke often of their children Rick and Rita and the love they had for them was undeniable. The same was evident for their grandchildren. Mrs. Cavicchia was so proud of her grandchildren and cherished their time together. My heart goes out to her family and I hope your memories of times shared provides you some comfort as you cope with her loss. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. God bless.


Steve and MaryJo (Zacchini) Kurko posted on 12/7/19

So sad to learn our neighbor and friend has died. Many heartfelt condolences go out to the family now and in the future.