Condolences for Lucille Fitch

Kathie Barnes posted on 1/19/21

She was an awesome coach and teacher. She always spoke to me and never forgot me as a student. I will remember her always. may she rest in peace.


Patty Bauknecht Valloric posted on 1/19/21

To all of Lucille's extended family, She was one of a kind.


Joan Roy Hazard posted on 1/19/21

I loved having Miss Fitch for my coach for 3 years. We were undefeated every year. It was a great source of pride. She never made us feel like we did anything wrong, and always encouraged us. Great memories from summer basketball, as well. Miss Fitch was way ahead of her time. A beautiful soul.


Regis Woods posted on 1/19/21

Grand lady. enjoyed working with her, She was ultra successful as a coach and a better person!


Esther (Jackson) Kalinowski posted on 1/18/21

Miss Fitch was a thoughtful, personable teacher who never seemed to forget her students. She made everyone feel important in her classes.


Mary Kelly Helle posted on 1/18/21

Miss Fitch was a woman’s coach that was ahead of her times! She should be remembered as a person that helped girls and women sports get recognized and ultimately championed title nine. She was a great basketball coach and started women’s track at Bellaire. I still run half and full Marathons and many times thought how she made me aware of how competition guided many of my life choices. Class of 68. Test in Peace!


Sandy Trigg Marling posted on 1/18/21

Miss Fitch was the best....she was my basketball coach, my gym and health teacher and she was always a friend when you needed her. She was a lady that I looked up to and her opinions always mattered. She made me a better person. RIP dear will always be remembered...



Karen D Connors posted on 1/18/21

Miss Fitch has such a wonderful teacher always pleasant would always make time to talk to you Karen Connors


ron and susie marple posted on 1/17/21

A beautiful friend. I will cherish your memory and our visits. Until we meet again sweet angel!


Paulette Teater Gibbons posted on 1/17/21

What a wonderful person who meant so much to so many! She was my cheerleader advisor.!She was a legend in her own times


Patrice Williams posted on 1/17/21

Miss Fitch, was a wonderful person, coach, and friend to many. You will be missed. Rest in Peace



Tina losinger posted on 1/17/21

Rest in peace many memories of gym class running laps


Nickie Marinelli Severine posted on 1/17/21

God bless you Ms. Fitch. Best coach ever !


MaryJo (Zacchini) Kurko Class of 1964 posted on 1/17/21

I loved being coached by this grand lady during our basketallo intermural games and during the summer when we played Summer Leagues. She was so much fun to be around yet still expected us to play a fair and action-packed game. I will always remember her with much gratitude and love.


Jeanne Tarbet Teliga posted on 1/17/21

May you R.I.P. Ms. Fitch. You were always a great & dignified lady.


Linda Zacchini Marinacci posted on 1/17/21

Rest In Peace, Miss Fitch. Many good times riding our little bus to away basketball games.


Virginia Hughes posted on 1/17/21

RIP Ms. Fitch.