Condolences for In loving memory of Madeline Mary Stackhouse

Cassandra Green posted on 10/21/21

My mother, Mrs. Green, and I, Sandy, want to express our sorrow in your loss. She has lived a long life. We remember her and family when they had lived in our neighborhood. Mother and Mrs. Stackhouse had talked quite often. We enjoyed having your family as neighbors. Again, expressing our sympathy in the loss of your mother, grandmother, great grandmother, etc. May God bless all of you.


Susan & Steve Schmelick posted on 10/19/21

So sorry for your loss. However, my first thought when I read her obituary was that she’s with her wonderful son once again. Prayers for comfort and peace.


Patty Brandon posted on 10/19/21




Jeanne Renshaw posted on 10/19/21

I been thinking of your Mom. I still don’t know how she did what she did in life. Taking care of her kids, working, running a household. I look back and think, she was so strong of a lady, to go on without her husband and keep going. You guys was so blessed to have her in your lives for as long as you did. God bless all of you. Saying prayers


Dale Alexander posted on 10/19/21

I grew up with the Stackhouse family and will always have fond memories of the years we spent together as children and, in later life, as friends through everything life could throw at us. I extend my prayers and blessings to those who mourn their loss knowing that Madeline raised a good family who will honor her memory with their goodness and respect for what they can do for each other. God bless all of you.


Nita Galberth posted on 10/19/21

To the Family May God give you strength May His grace carry you on May the unending love that Madeline left on us all fill your heart and see you through With Heartfelt Love and Sympathy Terry (4ever her Little RIP) and Nita


Dawn Amos posted on 10/18/21

I feel your presence everywhere Grandma. Your warmth and kindness resonates, but I would give anything to hear your laugh and to feel your arms around me again. You were such an inspiration and example of sincere pure love and strength. I see it in my Mom and I carry it inside of me. I’m so thankful to be your granddaughter. I don’t know if my heart will ever be whole again as much as I fill it with memories of you. I will always miss you. I love you Grandma.


Michael Amos posted on 10/18/21

My heart hurts for you Mom, as it does mine, as we grieve the loss of your Mother and our precious grandmother. Grandma sort of sprinkled stardust over the lives of all us grandchildren when we were little. She impacted all our lives in many ways, and we all are stronger because of her. She may be gone from our sight, but she will never be gone from our hearts. I may not be able to see her face, but I will always see her sweet smile. I may never hear her voice again, but she will forever echo in our souls. The wisdom and unconditional love she brought to our world is something I can never forget or replace. After all, she, like you, was the one who always held my hand when I was little and promised everything was going to be fine. I will miss her laughter and how she always made me feel like she had been waiting to see just me all day when my you would bring me and Dawn to see her. She will always be a big warm hug and sweet memories and the sun will shine again because grandma will live on in your hearts and memories. ❤️