Condolences for Douglas Yates Zonker

Dana Marie Columbo posted on 2/5/22

When I was 5 years old, Doug married our mother Sherry and willingly faced the challenge of becoming a stepfather to her 3 children. He was a loving, caring, protective stepdad to 3 kids who needed him more than they knew. Immediately after my mother and Doug were married, Mom began redecorating the house on Brooks' Run and Doug jumped right into her shenanigans. My mother was in total bliss. They began with our bedrooms and made their way downstairs. They planted flowers galore in the front of the house and down both sides of the driveway. I remember Doug watering the flowers after dark & neatly putting away the hose. It seemed like he cut grass every day and to this day, whenever I'm woken by the sound of a lawn mower, memories take me back home to Brooks' Run. Everywhere Doug went, he took me along. Sometimes he'd set me on his lap and let me drive his big Dodge truck - and gosh those were famous moments. He must've taken me to Murphy's 50 times to buy a hamster or a gold fish. As soon as one died, he'd get me another one. I clearly remember when he taught me how to tell time before anyone in my class. He helped me with my homework and taught me how to add and subtract. Every day we sat down for dinner as a family then each night he carried me upstairs to bed. I loved that. On snow days, he released his inner-child and take us sled riding for hours. He'd tie a big rubber tube to the back of his truck and pull us kids all over the Giffin farm. Those days will never be forgotten. Oh such historic crazy fun! I never met anyone more organized than Doug. His tidiness left a lasting impression on my life, no doubt. Everything he touched was clean and neatly in order. I clearly remember sitting on the bed, looking at his hats & shoes and how the structure and organization appealed to me. I asked Doug why his things were so organized and he explained his service in the Navy and how he was responsible for keeping his living area clean & orderly. It made perfect sense and I tried to become the same way too. If I had to choose a stepdad for my childhood, I'd pick Doug every time. He made me feel safe and secure when I was a child and there's nothing he wouldn't have done for us kids. My mother would say the same as she depended on him during the most vulnerable times of her life. I'm grateful she brought Doug into our family. He was a gift and I'll carry him in my heart forever. Rest in peace sweet man. You were an outstanding stepdad.


Bob Powell posted on 2/4/22

Kathy sorry for the passing of your brother. God bless you and your family.


Sandy Tarbet Marling posted on 2/2/22

I knew Doug for many and thru the family. He was always funny and happy. My condolences to Kathy and the entire family. RIP


Cheryl J Skinner Tri-State Military Museum posted on 2/2/22

May the love of God surround you and your family during this difficult time, May you come to know that the love of God is with you always, May your memories of Douglas Yates Zonker, give you peace, comfort and strength… Rest now in the arms of our Lord your mission on earth is complete. I thank you for your service to our Country and my Freedom. You will not be forgotten. My thoughts and prayers to the family of …. US Navy Veteran, Douglas Yates Zonker, is “A True American Hero” God Bless† † Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13 †



Jenny Lynn posted on 2/2/22

Moms last memory of her cousin Doug was seeing him at Gullas years and years ago.