Condolences for Katherine Ladyga

Thelma gaglione & Ruth carillo posted on 9/26/15

Thelma &ruth work at manor care and want to send our sympathy to the family of Katherine ladyga and enjoyed her so much. She was a lovely lady god bless all the family



Donna Gonzalez posted on 9/25/15

Mrs. Ladyga was such a beautiful kind hearted woman. I'm glad I got the chance to care for her and comfort her on her last days. She will always put a smile to my face when I think of her. The yellow butterflies I know are you. Rest easy beautiful lady.


Cheryl posted on 9/25/15

While in this world some people make a ripple and some people create a wave. Well Kay made a wave. The number of people and lives she touched caused such a wave, that I witnessed the tears that were cried and the love that showed the wave of love and loss she left in her wake. No matter the age, no matter the status they all felt her caring and her words of advice or words of love, that has left an imprint in their lives. People may come and go in your life but when someone leaves you with wisdom you will carry them with you always. I too, was touched by Kay. She was like a Mother who spoke the truth and we shared many laughs and knew we were there for each other. With every yellow butterfly I see I know she is telling me Hello and to keep laughing. Her love and wisdom will always be with me and I am so thankful she was in my life, as so many people are. I am proud to say I knew her and loved her till I told her goodbye. She will always be loved and butterflies are free just as she is now dancing with George


Mr + Mrs Charles Kissell posted on 9/23/15

Aunt Kay was warm and welcoming. A great conversationalist. Artistic. Her Christmas trees were a delight of the season. A joy-filed, gifted, lovely woman of God. Pray for me and I for the Aunt Kay. Rosemarie + Chuck Kissell