Condolences for Lee Ann Morgan

Dianne Tyler posted on 4/19/16

Lee Ann Morgan


Sharon Van Camp-Peacher posted on 4/18/16

Wishing you peace to bring comfort, courage to face the days ahead and loving memories to forever hold in your hearts.


Mike Novena posted on 4/16/16

Jay, Julia and I are sorry for your loss and will keep the entire family in our prayers.


Randy and Kathleen Persinger posted on 4/16/16

Dear Charles, Jean, Jay, Lois, and Tracy, You cannot imagine how my heart breaks for you at this time. It reminds me of our loss with David. Jay, it was my brother who found David. Mom told me her funeral was filled with people who loved her. Hopefully, all those people helped you today. Know that Lee Ann will still be with you at certain times. Be prepared to feel her essence, hear her voice, feel her touch you and for things to disappear and come back again right where you had them in the first place. Give her a smile and tell her hi and that you miss her and love her. After my experience dying and returning to my body after the car accident, I can tell you that she is feeling perfect peace, love beyond words, joy that you cannot imagine, and colors that take your breath away. She will be visiting all her family that have gone before all the way from the beginning. She will be excited and happy as she goes from soul to soul. Not only will she see the people who are blood related, she will see those whom I call love related. Lee Ann will feel carefree and perfect. There are no darkness and no shadows, there is only a perfect light. I was very upset when I was shoved back into my body. I really wanted to stay. However, even knowing that she is there in that wonderful place will not stop your pain and grief on missing Lee Ann. You will pick up you phone to call her. You will think to yourself, "Oh, I have got to tell Lee Ann this or that. Do not be surprised if you actually dial the phone. Or you will go past the Dairy Queen or her house and stop. Your feelings will overwhelm you when you realize that she is not with us in this physical world. Still to this day, I will go to pick up the phone to call my brother. There will be a piece missing from your family. But you will still know her love. Love never dies. We will pray for you. Every time I think of you all or your situation , I will ask OUR HEAVENLY FATHER to place you in HIS strong and loving hands. Lee Ann was a really nice person. She was beautiful inside and out. Lee Ann had a JESUS filled soul. She was kind and she cared. When we came home I loved talking to her. So did everyone else. That is why she had so many people to love her. She loved first. Everyone wants to feel that love. May OUR HEAVENLY FATHER send HIS HOLY SPIRIT to all of you so that you have strength to rally together and make it through these really tough times. You all have my empathy and my deepest sympathy. We are so very sorry. Love, Randy and Kathleen


Jim and Trudy Helms posted on 4/16/16

We express our deepest sympathies to the Morgan Family. When we come back to Shadyside for a visit we always expect to come to the Dairy Queen as part of our visiting old friends Leeann will be so missed by everyone in the community because she did so many wonderful things for everyone. Our thoughts and prayers will be with you all during this trying time.


Mary Donna and John Wodarcyk posted on 4/16/16

Dear Morgan Family, May God bless and comfort all of you at this time of sorrow in the loss of Lee Ann. I always enjoyed her visits to the hair salon. She was always happy and smiling. With deepest sympathy,


Kenny & Narae Kryah posted on 4/15/16

Our thoughts and prayers are with your family. So sorry for your loss.


The Bungard family posted on 4/15/16

Thinking of you at this time.


Belmont County Democrat Party posted on 4/15/16

Our Sympathy goes out to Shorty and Jean Morgan and Family on your loss.


William Shubat and Family posted on 4/15/16

Our Sympathy goes out to the Morgan Family in your loss. Lee Ann was truly an Icon in Shadyside but more importantly a friend to all the many people of the area of Shadyside and Bellaire. A person is gauged by the good they do in there life, we know this is true and Lee Ann Morgan is with Jesus today, she will be missed but never forgotten.


Sandy Tarbet Marling posted on 4/15/16

Condolences to Lee' family. She will always be in your hearts and she certainly made a wonderful impact on the lives she touched in Shadyside....RIP


Cindy Becker posted on 4/15/16

Shorty and Jean- my deepest sympathy . I think of you both often. You are dear in my heart.


Meghan&Claire Duffy posted on 4/15/16

Lee Ann was a such a wonderful person. We are heartbroken over losing such a great woman. She gave us both our first job. We truly loved serving ice cream and have so many great memories we cherish. The dq will always be a special place to us. Lee was feisty, independent and sharp. She was such a great role model for her employees. The best boss we've ever had. She will truly be missed. Visits home won't be the same as we ride by the dq. We take comfort in knowing she's now with Barbara, Duffy & Beth. Rest in peace Lee Ann. We love&miss you- Meg&Claire Sending our loving thoughts to the Morgan Family


Karen Callahan posted on 4/14/16

So much more than my cousin...have great memories of growing up with all the Morgan clan .Lee was my touchstone for hometown news. Introduced my kids to the Dairy Queen ,kept Tunkle toe(uncle Joe) well taken care of.and touched lives of so many deepest condolences to Aunt Jean,Uncle Ted,Jay,Lois Jean and Tracey. We will all miss her greatly.Her and Barn can run the heavenly DQ now


Carolyn Brown posted on 4/14/16

Morgan family condolences and prayers.


Barbara Malpiedi Kirby posted on 4/14/16

Jay and family. My deepest sympathy to you and all the Morgan family and friends. Lee Ann will be fondly remembered by all including former band members and those of us who frequented the DQ. on our trips back to Shadyside. I will continue to keep all of you in my prayers.


Harry Pyle posted on 4/14/16

my condolences to Lee Ann's family, she was special. I remember giving her a quarter to be quite for 5 minutes at the Budziks. Wish I could give her a million dollars to hear her talk once more,


Randy Marple posted on 4/14/16

What a great lady? When I was running for office, she and her entire family worked so hard for me to be elected. I don't know how many times we met at her store and her home to plan campaign strategy. I pretty muched lived at both places in 1984. A friendship and deep gratitude developed during that time and has last the decades since and I just want to say....I will miss you so much. God bless you honey


Gary, Debbie and Taylor Horky posted on 4/14/16

I'm at a loss for words as tears stream down my face. We truly lost a member of our family. You were such a giving person and I'm sure you and Ryan are making ice cream cones as I write this. Love you and miss you.


Nikki Zatezalo { Milca } Homan posted on 4/14/16

Jay and family, so sorry to hear about Lee Ann. although I was a little older than her, I remember her well from our childhood in Green Acres. So hard to loose a loved one, may God bless you, hold you close and comfort you.


Alissa Kinney posted on 4/14/16

How can you share just one memory when there are so many meaningful ones to share but most importantly how do you start to say goodbye to someone when it hasn't set in that they are not going to be around anymore? Since my DQ days I have not seen LeeAnn as much as I should have but whenever I ran into her it was always like I was just working for her the day before. Because of LeeAnn and Barbara Jean I live in Columbus now. They both argued over who was going to answer the DQ phone to give my reference for my first "big kid" job after I moved away. Now I feel like I can talk to her whenever I want without feeling the temptation of having to buy my blizzard or ice cream cone with "crunchies". I like to think It only makes sense that God chooses to take those people we find so wonderful in our lives because they have to make it ready and comfortable for us when we are that lucky to join them. Prayers are with the Morgan family and all Of the DQ crews present and past. I like to think we were all a big family forever and always. Love you Lee! Rest in Peace.


Joyce posted on 4/14/16

Where do you begin when we all have so many memories of a person that touched so many people. ❤️ Take care Morgan Family


Alice Stone posted on 4/14/16

'Shorty,Jean and family. So sorry for your loss.Thoughts and prayers are with you.


Alice Alkire posted on 4/14/16

I am so sorry to hear of Lee Ann's passing. My heart breaks for you all knowing how close a family you are. Sending lots of prayers for everyone.


Allan and Sherry (Shubat) Artman posted on 4/14/16

Dear Morgan Family we send our deepest sympathy to all of you on the passing of Lee Ann. She had a very magnetic personality and will be missed by many!


Lori Long Root posted on 4/14/16

Dear Morgan Family, Please know that you all are in my thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. I have lots of fond memories of our years growing up in Green Acres with Lee Ann as the older and wiser "Big Sister" to so many of us. She certainly kept us in line! (Or at least tried to!!) It is hard to imagine what it will be like to visit Shadyside and not see Lee Ann…..May her memory be a blessing. Much love to all of you.


The Hildebrand and Rodgers Family posted on 4/14/16

Our deepest sympathies to everyone who knew Lee Ann. Family and friends alike. She was such a sweet soul. She gained her beautiful wings so early.. Rest in peace...


Carol (McMahon) Todd posted on 4/14/16

Lee Ann you will surely be missed. You had a contagious laughter and could be firm at the same time. You were a determined woman all you life; you did what you said you were going to do. I so wish we would not have missed that trip last year in Amish Country but will laugh each time I think of you dressed as an Amish woman. Glad we all worked together at the DQ those many years ago. Rest in peace Lee Ann. Condolences to the Morgan family...Carol McMahon Todd


Tom and Amy Lowe posted on 4/14/16

Morgan Family. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.


Jan and Bill Horky posted on 4/14/16

We feel like we lost a member of our Family. We have known Lee Ann since she was a teenager. Will miss the visits and telephone calls we have had over the years. The last call from her was just Sunday night. Spending time with her and hearing her voice was always such a pleasure. We will miss you Lee Ann.


Joe Boczek, Morgantown, WV posted on 4/13/16

We have lost one of us. By that I mean someone from the Green Acres family. Though there are many reasons to be sad this hits home with me because it is someone from my Green Acres Era. I met Lee Ann when I was four and we moved to Green Acres as kids growing I ran with Lee Ann, I argued with Lee Ann, I called her names and she called me ones. We laughed and we yelled but in a special way only those of the plethora of lucky ones to have grown up in that truly magical place understand this loss. Lee Ann. If there were a Green Acres Board of Directors, Lee Ann would have been a life long member for she exhibited those kind of leadership qualities growing up. There were ball games at Filak's and hide in seek in the graveyard. There was older vs younger taunting and education at the Birmingham's. When there was a tragedy or sickness who was there to lend a hand, a hug or an ear? Lee Ann of course. Time seems to pass so quickly for it seemed like only yesterday that the old neighborhood was filled with kids riding bicycles, dribbling or throwing balls, fighting and crying but most of all in a very special way--loving. We truly have lost one of us. Not long ago while in town for a meeting, I stopped at the DQ to say hi and she looked and said "What the Hell are you doing here?" I am so glad I stopped. This one is tough for a small town Shadyside has certainly seen its share of untimely and tragic deaths this one is obviously no different. It indeed is so tough to say goodbye. The finality sucks but the memories will somehow provide a little consolation. Goodbye Lee Ann you truly special and now more than ever do we really realize it. Save me a place for I want to hear one more time What the Hell are you doing here/"


Gay Elaine Forbes posted on 4/13/16

Mr. Jay Morgan and all of the family--Mr. Morgan you were so kind and helpful to me upon the deaths of my parents. My sincere sympathy to you and your family now in your time of grief.


The Seita family posted on 4/13/16

Many beautiful memories of a beautiful person. May the closeness you all share as a family bless you at this difficult time. Our prayers are with you.


Karen Pinney posted on 4/13/16

To all of the Morgan family. Lois is our dear colleague and friend and her sorrow is shared among many. We wish all of you Gods healing peace as you make your way through this difficult time. Big hugs to Lois!


Mary Ryncarz posted on 4/13/16

To the Morgan Family, So sorry of Lee Ann's passing. Although we can never know the deep pain of your loss, we are praying for the Morgan family at this sad time. Cherish the wonderful memories of her. Our deepest sympathy, The Ryncarz Family


The Koonce family posted on 4/13/16

A beautiful person and a lifelong friend. We will always cherish the early years. You will be deeply missed. Our condolences to the Morgan family. Peace be with you.


Skeeter McAfee posted on 4/13/16

Lee Ann ~ it will never be the same when I come "home" to visit if you're not there. I will miss our get-togethers at The Shady Spot & our traditional trips to Happy Gardens. I doubt that there would have been a 40yr class reunion had it not been for you spearheading that idea. Kathy Bonar & I had a blast working on that with you & I'm sure all our classmates who attended will join me in saying Thank You, as it was a huge success! You have always been a loyal friend & I feel blessed to have shared so many fun memories with you growing up in the best little town in the world. Your legacy will live on in all the people you have touched throughout the years. Until we meet again dear friend. ~Skeeter Morgan family ~ our thoughts & prayers are with y'all in the difficult days ahead. Even tho your hearts are breaking, we pray that you find comfort in knowing that Lee Ann is now resting in the arms of Jesus. ~Skeeter & Mac


Denise (Sadowski) Bell posted on 4/13/16

To the entire Morgan Family, our thoughts and prayers are with you. We were saddened and shocked to hear about Lee Ann. She was a wonderful person and her love for the Shadyside community was evident! I think of her everytime the Shadyside DQ is mentioned- they are inseperable to me! Praying for peace and comfort for all of you during this difficult time and sending you a big hug Tracey!


Kathy Bruner posted on 4/13/16

Please accept my heartfelt condolences for the loss of your loved one. Lee Ann touched so many lives in a positive way and there is no better legacy to leave behind. I, too, worked with Lee Ann at the DQ, which I remember fondly. She will always live on through the memories of those she loved and those she helped, which I hope gives you some comfort.


Ed Thomas and family posted on 4/13/16



Judie Holler and Brother Bill Mason posted on 4/13/16

Prayers to all of Lee Anns family. Her kindness, love for everyone,helpfulness for the community will always be remembered. RIP you will truly be missed.


Bob, Becky, Andy & Arin Selmon posted on 4/13/16

Wishing you all peace to bring comfort, courage to face the days ahead and loving memories to forever hold in your hearts.


Barbara (McCloud) Graham posted on 4/13/16

Prayers to the Morgan family. Lee Ann, you will be missed. Made some memories in the past that I will never forget. I will always remember your smile and laughter! RIP


Pam Wallace posted on 4/13/16

I'm so sorry for your loss. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers!


Leslie Cook Graebe posted on 4/13/16

Lee Ann You were "simply the best". I have so many wonderful memories of you from working at the Dairy Queen. Rest in peace.


Susan (Accrocco) Bruce posted on 4/13/16

To all of Lee Ann's family, you are in my prayers. May God Bless you all. Lee Ann was a good DQ friend. Always had good times at our meetings.


Sam Hanasky posted on 4/13/16

Prayers for all the Morgan family , may God bless Lee Ann and keep her safe.



Marka Duffy Fuller posted on 4/13/16

Lee Ann was an amazing person. She was strong and independent. She taught so many kids the true meaning of work ethic. Lee Ann was kind and generous in her community. She was my mom and Emily's Granny Ann. She will be greatly missed by so many. My thoughts and prayers are with her family. My they have peace and comfort in this time.


Keith Baratie posted on 4/13/16

Prayers for the Morgan family



Laura Glatz Ramsay posted on 4/13/16

To Lee Ann's Family, I am so very sorry for your loss and may Gods love comfort u all during this difficult time, And many happy memories have been made and enjoyed at the DQ in Shadyside ...U will me missed


Julie Seszko posted on 4/13/16

Lee Ann- I have known you my whole life, after all you did name me :) You were a big part of my life growing up and I thank you for that. You were my mom's best friend and I used to love hearing the stories of you two running around together. I remember a few times she sent me to your house to study!!!! So many memories of you to list, but you are loved by many and Shadyside just won't be the same without you, especially the Dairy Queen. Rest in Peace Lee Ann, "It's so hard to forget someone, who gave you so much to remember. "


Debby Shultz Bevilacqua posted on 4/13/16

To the Morgan family:prayers and condolences.


Shannon Heatley - Keeney posted on 4/13/16

I will never forget Lee Ann's kindness and support. What an amazing woman!


Jeffrey Mayhugh posted on 4/13/16

My deepest sympathies for the Morgan family and my beloved Shadyside.


Sue Ellen Sweetnich Miller posted on 4/13/16

My Dear Loving Friend, I never ever envisioned writing on your memory wall! You were and always will be my forever best friend! Our hearts once more have been shattered! May God raise you up to the heavenly skies in the style you so deserved! We have a lifetime of memories to cherish! I love you and will miss talking and seeing you! Shorty, Jean, Jay, Loie, Tracey and familiy - my deepest love and sympathy to all! You raised an amazing daughter who was deeply cherished by her siblings and nieces and nephews! Love and Hugs to all! ❤️


Kim Althar posted on 4/13/16

Lee lit that corner like no fancy new streetlight ever could. She was mom to many more sons and daughters than anyone could ever count. She gave of herself to her family,and her community, and everyone who was blessed to meet her was a better person for having known her. All my condolences to her family. God will carry you.


Lea Albright Winters posted on 4/13/16

The first and best boss she taught so many good values and love gear memories! Our DQ family! Hugs and prayers to all the Morgan's love you all!!


Tina Mayeres-Patterson posted on 4/13/16

Never a more beautiful and truthfully written celebration of her life. I worked under Lee Ann 40 years ago and can attest as one of the first to learn to the excellent principles and work ethics she bestowed on me. When she became owner of the Dairy Queen, I knew it was one of the best places for anyone lucky enough to be employed . Although we all worked hard, we knew she was also a friend. She was one of the town's most generous individuals because she gave from her heart and soul. I had to smile every time I stopped in and ordered my "special tartar sauce and lettuce" burger, she knew who was ordering because she introduced me to the taste. She always told me anytime I wanted to go back to work for her, there would always be an open spot. She was true friend and mentor. May God wrap his loving arms around her family and friends and give them everlasting comfort in knowing she is now with Him. Lee Ann will be missed, but never forgotten.


Donna and Jack Martin posted on 4/13/16

Prayers for the Morgan family. So sorry for your loss.


Marlene and Phil Jablonka posted on 4/13/16

Prayers for the Morgan family. Lee Ann was a wonderful person who will be missed by so many.



M. Green posted on 4/13/16

Thank you Aunt Lee Lee for allowing us as family friends to enjoy your ice cream when we were in town with the family or the kids! I know you will be missed by many and will leave a legacy our friend!


Debbie Mullin (Ullom) posted on 4/13/16

Thinking of you all during this difficult time. May you find peace in your many memories of Lee Ann


Kathy Bairefoot posted on 4/13/16

My memories were from high school. A good person ,as always.


Kathy Bairefoot posted on 4/13/16

Prayers for the family and extended family. I'm sorry for the loss of an exceptional woman. I'm sorry I didn't get to have that ice cream with you in July.


Robyn Misner posted on 4/12/16

Lee Ann was one of the sweetest souls I have ever met I always enjoyed her stories of the old days in DQ we had a lot of laughs together during DQ training and conferences I will really miss her Robyn Misner Barnesville DQ



Marsha Alexander posted on 4/12/16

️Rest in Peace Lee Ann knowing what good you have done in this world.



Kim Danbert posted on 4/12/16

I remember Lee Ann telling me how she loved her diamond rings. She never realized that she out-shone all of them.


Darlene West posted on 4/12/16

Jay and family,prayers that the sadness you feel today will soon be replaced w/wonderful loving memories of your sis. Will be thinking of you and praying that you find comfort in the coming days. Darlene Scott West and Margie and Ernie Scott scott


Joni Fox posted on 4/12/16

That is a beautiful celebration of her life. Her life was summed up exceptionally well and so true My deepest and most sincere sympathy to her family especially Jay , Shorty and Jean. God bless you all and I know the lord has embraced her going home


Brent & Jackie Kidder posted on 4/12/16

LeeAnn was so good to the community and will not be forgotten. She touched so many lives especially the youth in town. Whether you were that baseball team player being treated at the DQ after a game or a teenager who learned good work ethic skills through employment at her business, you were all better because of LeeAnn. Her last Facebook post was about helping the band, not surprising for someone so caring. Prayers to the Morgan family.


Terry L.Schultz posted on 4/12/16

I remember when I was a kid and Lee Ann was just getting her drivers license,her brother Jay played Taps on his bugle as she pulled out of the driveway. Lee Ann was loved by a lot of friends and family,and known by many people across Ohio.I worked with a guy in Columbus,Ohio who said his daughter worked for Lee Ann at the DQ.I love you Lee Ann .and I know the Angels in Heaven are welcoming you there.


Martha Hepburn posted on 4/12/16

Jay and Family, Please accept my deepest sympathies on Lee Ann's passing. She was a very special person. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.


Daviette Davis Robinson posted on 4/12/16

Prayers to all Family!!!! My deepest sympathy at your loss. May God grant you all Peace.


Tim Merryman and family. posted on 4/12/16

Lee Ann was truly a great person, my thoughts and prayers go to all the Morgan family May god help you through these trying times, R I P Lee Ann.



John Salva posted on 4/12/16

You will be sadly missed by all you the people you have made contact with through the years. Your generosity made you an angel even before you got your wings.


Dave and Jolynn posted on 4/12/16

God speed LeeAnn. You will be forever remembered and forever loved. Love and prayers to the entire Morgan family.


Judy Clark Ralph posted on 4/12/16

I have known Lee Ann from the time we were babies and our fathers worked together at the Burger Plant in Shadyside. We grew up together, went to school together, graduated together, and our families spent time together. I cannot think of one other person who so embodied all the good things about growing up in Shadyside meant as Lee Anne did. She was hard-working, generous, kind, and gave many people their first jobs. She taught them responsibility and how lucky they were to be born and raised in Shadyside. She was truly a Shadyside icon and she will be greatly missed. To all the Morgan Family, I will keep you all in my prayers during this time.


Susan Schultz posted on 4/12/16

LeeAnn was my cousin and we had some crazy fun times when we were teenagers. You knew when she was about to prank someone when she got that twinkle in her eyes. When I would think of her over the years I would always here her laughter ringing in my ears. She makes my heart smile.