Condolences for Kimberly Denise Malolepszy

Jeff Harris posted on 8/5/16

I'm so sorry for this all to soon loss. May GOD comfort and heal as only He can in this time of grief. I have good memories of Kim starting from junior high.


Cheryl D. posted on 8/5/16

My heartfelt sympathy to the family and friends. To lose someone with so much left to share with the world is terribly difficult. May all of you find comfort in your wonderful memories, as well as God's promise of a resurrection. Jesus said: "I am the resurrection and the life." (John 11:25,26) These words give us hope for the future, knowing that through Jesus Christ we have the sure hope of being reunited with our loved ones again, happy and healthy. (John 5:21,28,29) Warm Christian love.


Heather Parsons-Dillon posted on 8/4/16

Fly high, beautiful angel! You were such an amazing person who will be missed by so many. RIH Kim.


Bruce Wilhelm posted on 8/4/16

In a world so horrible, find one person that would give you the benefit of the doubt. In a world so selfish, find that person who would give what they have to another. So here we are, doing what is comfortable. Doing what works for us. As bad as it all seems to those who have to live their lives, as empty as it feels knowing you lost something, someone you would never give up. That's pain feeling for you! That's selfishness compelling you to want more... An old friend of mine died I went to her service today. Her name was Kim. She LIVED two years longer than what they told her she would! What a warrior. What a woman! Can't imagine what her family went through the last couple years. Can't imagine how hard it was for her husband, my friend Chuck. Everyday! To fight when there is no way to win, is the will to power... For every agonizing day you survive that's not just strength, that's the strength of your love. That's real love. If she knew twenty years ago this would be the out come or she could choose a different path. She would do it all again! So I ask again. In a world so horrible, find one person that would give you the benefit of the doubt. KIM would! In a world so selfish, find that person who would give what they have to another. KIM did. She would do it all again. That's the strength of your love. She gave the greatest gift a person could give to their family. She gave you every second of her life, then went to God and borrowed more time. And the only price she had to pay, was pain... Great things will come from this family. GOD BLESS...


Sheri Hess posted on 8/4/16

So sorry...there are no words...sending many thoughts and prayers..


Prissy Workman Smith posted on 8/4/16

Rest in peace Kim. Prayers for your family


Bruce and Rayna Lucresio posted on 8/3/16

Will miss you Kim. We had alot of good times back in the day.


Casey Jones posted on 8/3/16

Condolences and prayers for Kim and to her Family. May she rest in peace and the Family get thru this trying time the best they can.


Michelle Cook Infantino posted on 8/3/16

Rest in peace Kim. ❤️❤️❤️ Peace to your family.


Cherrel Nash posted on 8/3/16

Chuck and Elena, Sue and Stan, I am so very sorry. Kimi had such a kind and loving soul. She was truly a gift to us here on earth. My heart aches for your loss. With love, Chere


Jim and Robin Beck posted on 8/3/16

Thoughts and prayers to your family from Jim, Robin, James and Evan.


Julie Hoyt (Clayton) posted on 8/3/16

Very sorry to hear about Kim. I remember her from high school, always smiling. Little comfort knowing she is no longer in pain & is peaceful now. RIP Kim.


Karen Robbins posted on 8/3/16

Sharon, I can only imagine your pain and I there are no words to express how sorry I am for you. Your strength has been tested and proven for sure that "you have a place in Heaven" and now you can know in your heart that "Kim will be waiting for you when you get there"!! She looks so much like you in her pictures and she has always "acted like you"!! She is out of pain and home safe with God we can't ask for anything better for Kims sake. Please take care of yourself my friend my thoughts and Prayers are with you all. I love you and will see you ASAP!!!



Christine Rexroad Mosier posted on 8/2/16

Praying for the family. She was a beautiful person.


Sheldon & Denise Scheehle posted on 8/2/16

Prayers and condolences are being sent through the Scheehle family. Bucky, Denise, Olivia, Lillian and Mackenzie Eddaline God Bless You All


Nancy and Brad Weeks posted on 8/2/16

Sue - Stan and Family, So sorry for your loss. Sending our thoughts and prayers to you now and in the days ahead.


Tiffany Crozier posted on 8/2/16

Kim was always smiling! She had such a bubbly personality! Prayers are with all of you


Frank Gonchoff posted on 8/2/16

Condolences to Kim's family. Kim, Julie Brian and myself had lots of good times growing up in Moundsville. Who would ever think that we would be roomies in college. Love you Kim and will miss you forever.



Holli (Bine) Kudlak posted on 8/2/16

Kim was always a person filled with laughter! She made events so much better and Loved the youth days that we all spent together. She has touched the lives of many and her soul will live on......RIP my fiend!


Derek Thomas posted on 8/2/16

Your are a bright shining soul whose light will never burn out. Love you Kimmy! See you on the other side. My condolences to the family. Thoughts and prayers are with you.


Diane ( Brown) Shelek posted on 8/2/16

May GOD comfort you all at this time of sorrow. I never met Kim but if she was anything like her Mother she was a great lady. I am so sorry for your loss, Prayers for all


Dave & Joyce Clarke posted on 8/2/16

Thoughts & prayers for Kimmy & Family


Crystal Mowder posted on 8/2/16

So sorry to hear about Kim.. I have a lot of great memories of her.. We had a lot of fun.. Such a sweet, fun person.. Thoughts and prayers to the family.. God Bless.


Jonathan Crunelle posted on 8/2/16

So sorry to hear about Kim.


Nanette Hogan posted on 8/2/16

Always will remember you. You were such a sweet child and caring beautiful adult. Rest in peace now Kimmie. God will take over now.


Maryann Droll posted on 8/2/16

Dear Ones -- May God's peace and blessings be yours during this most tender season; and, may He give you many lovely memories, so that you may always have roses in December. Ever hoping . . . Always in Jesus, Maryann (Music Ministry Volunteer)



Marlene Yoho posted on 8/2/16

May God open his arms to you all in this time of sadness I am so sorry for the lost of Kim prayers for you all


Glenn Kesselring posted on 8/2/16

My deepest sympathies, always had such a beautiful smile! May god welcome you into paradise for eternity. God bless


Shirlene Omear posted on 8/2/16

So sorry to hear about Kim , such a sweet person ! Prayers to the family !!



jane naser posted on 8/2/16

Condolences, all are in my thoughts and prayers.


Jeni (Paith) Morris posted on 8/2/16

Rest in peace Kim! You was always filled with laughter and a smile! Your family will always have in their hearts and now as their guardian Angel! God Bless


Joyce Howard posted on 8/2/16

prayers and condolences to the family , she was a very sweet person always loved talking to her at the store but she can rest in peace won't be able to make it in person but will be with all of you in spirit and god bless


Brandon Tucker posted on 8/2/16

You are on our minds and we know you aren't suffering anymore. Rest easy my friend. Sending love and prayers to all of Kimmy's family and friends. Love & Light