Condolences for Margaret L. Racki

Sue Junkins posted on 10/6/16

My dear friend Marge for many years. Met Marge right out of high school and, even though she was about 9-10 years older than me, helped me in my job and we became lifetime friends. Took her to Bellaire Clinic about a month ago for her appointment and helped her carry her groceries in the house. She asked me, "what do you think of my physical condition?" and I just hugged her and said, "I think you've got some real problems" and she just smiled and hugged me. I called her a few days ago and there was no answer. Sad, I didn't know she was in the hospital. I'll always remember her as a good friend and know she's at peace now. Goodbye for now, Margie...


Patti Kittle posted on 10/6/16

I'm Margaret's neighbor. We just talked to each other on September 22nd . We had a nice conversation. She was so humble. I will miss her.