Condolences for Bentley Michael Bumgardner


Patty Richmond posted on 4/21/17

R.I.P. Bentley


Kali Bumgardner posted on 4/20/17

My Bentley , words couldn't even begin to describe the pain I am going through , nor could anyone even imagine what my heart feels like. Im lost. I'm hurt. I'm confused . I'm mad. I'm devastated .. I don't understand why you were taken from me. I'll never understand. I have to live the rest of my life wondering why and what if .. And wondering what you'd grown up to be.. Ill never get to hold you in my arms again..teach you how to ride a bike , fish , write , talk , walk .. I'll never be able to show you how to do these things. I'll never get to hear you say mommy this is killing me inside .. I dream about you.. I think about you every second. Youre forever in my heart baby.. I wanted you to sit on my lap one day when you was old enough to understand and I could tell you about god , but since I wasnt able to , maybe god can sit you on his lap and tell you about me.. I love you to the moon and back baby boy.. I Love You Always , Mommy..