Condolences for Ember Renee Thompson


Grandpap Robbie and Grandma Kelly posted on 7/29/17

We met you briefly but you will forever be in our hearts. Fly high sweet angel.


Sheila Youngblood posted on 7/28/17

GaGa loves you so much and will miss you. You are up in heaven with your sissy Ameliah . R.I.P. R.I.H. baby girl


Trevor B posted on 7/27/17

My sincere condolences for your loss. Losing a loved one is not something that feels natural. Actually its so unnatural that at 1Corinthians 15:26 death is called "the last enemy". So even God sees death as something that shouldn't happen. But if Jehovah God looks at death in this way is he still going to continue to let it happen? Happily the answer is no. Isaiah 25:8 Tells us what Jehovah is going to do "He will swallow up death forever, and the Sovereign Lord Jehovah will wipe the tears from all faces." What a wonderfull promise this is that death will be done away with. Jehovah also promises that we will get to see our loved ones again at John 5:28-29. However there is an interesting question to ponder. When Jehovah resurrects our loved ones where will they be resurrected to? Please read Psalms 37:29 for the answer.


Shell Thompson posted on 7/27/17

Nana loves u baby girl. My first granddaughter named after me and for some reason God had to take u. U will forever be n my heart. ♡


Cheryl Bleile posted on 7/27/17

I'm so sorry for your loss. My prayers are with you all.