Condolences for Lori (Banco) Polivka

Jennifer Stillion Barcus posted on 12/6/17

Lori was a very special person. She was a neighbor of mine when we were very young. She will be greatly missed by all.


Walt Muklewicz posted on 12/2/17

Having met the banco family years ago starting with loris mother & father then meeting Lori & her brothers & sisters it didn't take long to see a close bond that the family shared all thou over the years as everyone went their separate ways on occasion I would run into one of the family members and was always greeted with a smile & a little friendly conversation. Lori along with others of the family that have passed away over time will be missed & not forgotten. Sincerely. Walt muklewicz


Leslie Allen posted on 11/30/17

I'm so very sorry for your loss, Lori was a very nice person. I saw her not long ago at the Dollar General in Bellaire we went outside and talked for awhile. After awhile we went our own way, I into Kroger as she to her car. She yelled back and said we should do lunch sometime. I have learned not to put things off because you don't know what tomorrow brings, She was a good person and my heart goes out to her son and the rest of the family.