Condolences for Elizabeth Mary Zbock

Gretchen A Derfler posted on 1/2/18

May 13, 2015. I gained a new "Grandmom". I live at Cumberland Pointe Care Center and I am only 51. I had requested a private room, when I first came, due to my age. It took @17 months, waiting for one to become available and for me to get to the top of the waiting list. The second day in the new room, I was wheeling down the hall and as I got to my door, she was at her's. She was so worried about me and my leg being elevated. She stuck her head out the door, waved her hand to an aide to come over and help me. She was always so concerned about and worried that, everyone was getting taken care of properly. After a while, it became a comical event. Whenever I was heading towards my room or stopped to open my door, she would appear in her door, and point 2 fingers at me then to my door and say "In there. Get in there." One day a gentleman I spend time with here and I were wheeling down the hall. As we came to my door, there she was in her's. He turned and said he was going to his room and would be back. Well she was having none of that. She shook her finger at me and said "No boys." Well at 60, he is far from a boy. This finger shaking went on for a month or two. Then shortly after Thanksgiving this year, he went past my room and said he would be back shortly. Liz wasn't having it. She looked at me and said, " Him get in there." , pointing to my door. I said he was coming back and went in. I could still hear Liz talking about him coming in here. I just chuckled and got a cup of coffee, until I heard my nurse say, "Lizzy honey. This is not your room. It is (his) room. Come on up to your room." Liz replied, " No (he) in there. (pointing to my door)" I count myself lucky, to have had her touch my life and I have definitely been blessed by it