Condolences for Rose M. Koyder


Linda K Metz posted on 3/18/18

Rosie, I remember you from when I was not quite seven and we first moved next door to you, your husband and mother up Indian Run. You couldn't ask for a nicer neighbor...always with a smile and kind, gentle words for myself and younger sister. I remember playing with her Siamese cat, Tina when she came into our yard. I recall her husband Click and my father working on their gardens, fixing the fence together, and their experiment splicing othe r fruit tree branches on a tree. Mrs. Kence who lived in the downstairs was wonderful too. I remember thinking how cool it was when she and Rosie would converse in Polish. You were a perfect neighbor and wonderful friend to two little girls and my older siblings, who will never forget you, your kindness, and your patience with two little ones in the single digits yet. Rest in peace, sweet lady



darlene Ledger posted on 3/16/18

Rose, I will always think of you. You always were so beautiful and strong. I'm sad to see you go, but I am rejoicing that you are not in any pain and you are with Jesus. I love you!! God bless!!