Condolences for Violet “Luba” Binni

Judy Hamilton posted on 6/7/19

Enjoyed working with Luba at Powhatan Elem. Always an upbeat person and loaded with personality! Prayers for all!!!


Kelly Cox Cole posted on 6/7/19

Joe and family so sorry for your loss! Luba definitely lived her life! She touched so many lives!


Keith Craycraft posted on 6/7/19

My sincere condolences; So many wonderful memories of the Binni Family! May God Bless


nancy powell posted on 6/6/19

Chris sorry to hear about your mom. you and your family will be in my prayers. Bobby Powell


BOBBY POWELL posted on 6/6/19

Chris, sorry to hear about your mom. she will be in my prayers


Mark "Luba" Striebich posted on 6/6/19

To Jerry and the entire Binni family------Luba Binni was a woman's "Libber" before women were confident to be such. I carry my own namesake after Luba Binni. She was a Woman's Woman and had a Heart big enough to carry the load. She helped me so much when I was a young teen and had lost my Mother. She allowed me to help her teach swimming to so many kids. Jerry and I have remained friends for 60 years and Jerry is the Man he is today because of Joe & Luba Binni. May God in Heaven allow Luba to Teach & Coach all the new entry's. May GOD bless the family of LUBA BINNI !!!!!


Belinda Knight, Chris Thomas, Sarah & Randy posted on 6/6/19

Joe, Jerry, Rick, Eddy, Chris Sorry for your loss, but she is in a better place and at peace. What a legacy she has left behind. Everywhere she went she left a great aroma. As you will hear and see in the next few days. You all have great shoes to feel. Maybe with the 3 generations you might be able to accomplish. I can remember when I was visiting with Sarah Luba let her and Randy participate in a swim meet. Was the highlight of the visit. I can still recall seeing and hearing her when we were young. She never got to excited , let it roll off her back. Some good wisdom for us all. With our Deepest Sympathy


Carolyn Lee Brown posted on 6/5/19

Jeremy and family, Sorry to hear about your grandma. She and my mother bowled together. She always asked about Samantha and how she was doing. Prayers of comfort for you and your family.


Pam Ruminski Swartz posted on 6/5/19

Luba was a modern day woman when that was unheard of. She not only taught and coached children about sports and basic education, but she taught them about life and being a good person. May God bless Luba, that she is welcomed into Heaven to her place she has earned. Prayers for Joe, sons, and extended family. She will be missed. God Bless.


Linda Resecker Cutright posted on 6/5/19

I will never ever forget Luba. She would do anything for any one in a heartbeat. I remember when my husband then was sick with cancer. My dad had passed away in Toledo. I had no way up there. Without hesitation she price me and my daughter up took us to Toledo. Said her condolences to my mom jumped in her car and drive back home. I will ALWAYS be grateful to her for that. She will definitely be missed my so many people. Thinking of the Binni family this time❤❤


Judy Jack Puperi posted on 6/5/19

Luba was definitely a force to be reckoned with, but at the same time a very likeable person. She was always around all of us growing up in one way or another. My thoughts and prayers are sent to Joe and all of the boys and the family. She will be greatly missed by all.


Becky ninni posted on 6/5/19

Luba lived a full life and left a lasting impression on so many people. We could all learn from her. My deepest sympathy and prayers go out to the entire family.


Tammy Blake posted on 6/5/19

Joe and family, Luba was an awesome role model for many young girls in sports, including me! I was always amazed at her love for the game of softball and will never forget her pitching, hitting and running to first base - even in her 60's! She was a warmhearted and good woman and I pray for comfort for you and your family.


Roseann Rosnick posted on 6/5/19

So many wonderful memories of Luba! What a strong, funny, dedicated, amazing woman! Sending love, prayers and my deepest sympathy to her family! God bless!



Twila Wiles posted on 6/5/19

I will always cherish my memories of Luba and Powhatan Elementary. She will be surely missed . Prayers to Joe and family at this difficult time.


Mandy Kover posted on 6/5/19

Luba was a force. While I am not directly related to her and Joe, they’ve always made me feel like I was part of the family. She was always helping, and you could always count on her to have your back in a crisis. The world sure won’t be the same without Luba Binni. I always looked forward to when I’d have a chance to go have Sunday mackies with Jonie, Jeremy and the girlies...she’d stuff you full and crack you up. I’m going to miss Luba and all that energy. Rest In Peace, Luba. Keep Mom in line up there!


Ed Pugh posted on 6/5/19

Luba was a great person. She was always nice to me ! Thoughts and Prayers for the family during this difficult time.


Heather Stevey posted on 6/5/19

Luba was always a no nonsense teacher and coach in any manner. She was tough but cared for each student that she was in contact with. She will be missed.


Darryl Nash posted on 6/5/19

Thoughts and prayers Joe and family. We should all celebrate Luba’s life! She was a unique person that affected so many people’s lives, including mine.


kathy merckle posted on 6/5/19

I don't know where to begin to express my sympathy for the family, Luba was one of the most wonderful, giving and energetic people that i was blessed to have in my life. She gave so much to so many, it was like she lived three lives in one, I will always have fond members of my time with her and will never forget her. I will always have a special place in my heart for Luba.


Terry and Penny Kennedy posted on 6/5/19

Our sincere condolences to Luba’s family. She will never be forgotten. She gave so much to everyone with whom she made contact. God Bless.....


Rich and Misty Nelson posted on 6/5/19

We are so sorry to hear of Luba’s passing. She will be remembered by all the students and children she influenced through the years. RIP


Steve Jones posted on 6/5/19

Joe, Rick, and family. I am so very deeply sorry and saddened to hear of your loss. I had met Luba twenty some odd years ago. From the very beginning she made a lasting impression and had always treated me so well. When I had worked at Wheeling Downs she always went out of her way to say hello if she was on the property. Please take comfort in knowing how she touched so many lives.


Judy Susac posted on 6/5/19

Luba was my neighbor and my friend. She was one of a kind, biggest heart of anyone i ever knew. She nevet knew a stranger. I went to Bingo with her twice a week,i never laughed so hard,we had so much fun. Love you my friend. Rest in Peace.


Rebecca milliron May posted on 6/4/19

Luba left her mark on the people of powhatan. She will be missed


Teresa Massie Ritchea posted on 6/4/19

So very sorry for the loss of an awesome lady. She knew my family way before my time, was always nice to everyone she came in contact with! Powhatan has lost a great person. RIP Luba


Mary Baker posted on 6/4/19

I taught with Luba for many memorable years at Powhatan Elementary. Her energy amazed me along with stories about her life, the village of Powhatan, and her politics. She never hesitated to give her passionate opinions. Along with a sharp sense of humor she was devoted to her family and friends. My heartfelt sympathy to everyone.


Barbie Kenney Gallaher posted on 6/4/19

Luna was a wonderful and caring woman... loved it when she was also a great teacher she will be greatly missed


Joni Fox posted on 6/4/19

She was my first girls basketball coach, remembering vividly our game at St Sylvester in Woodsfield, remembering bowling at the Bellaire Bowling Alley and many days at her Bubbas (her mother’s) in Powhatan’s. she had me speaking at her class at OUE, and visiting at Belco when I was an RN and DON Luba wasn’t a great friend, mentor, and neighbor. What fun we would have at the Wheeling Downs. She has left a legacy in the Ohio Valley. Love you Luba. You will be missed Condolences to all family members and friends


Earl & Joy Herndon posted on 6/4/19

Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this difficult time!


Marla Fish posted on 6/4/19

Joe and family, words cannot express the sadness, may you all know how sorry I am to hear of your los


MID Knight Huff posted on 6/4/19

To the Bobbi


MID Knight Huff posted on 6/4/19



Regina Hill posted on 6/4/19

My truest deepest sympathy to Joe and the family. Luba was a fine women and a great role model for anyone she came in contact with. Great memories of Luba through the years at Powhatan Elementary. May God comfort Joe through this difficult time.


Catherine Carlin posted on 6/4/19

Heartfelt sympathy and condolences to Joe and the family. Luba was one of a kind and will be fondly remembered. Rest In Peace Luba. God bless and comfort the family.


Michael Asturi posted on 6/4/19

Luba will be missed.... She was a great role model in the Powhatan Community. One of the best memories I remember and many as well is when Luba taught swimming lessons in Powhatan. It seemed her method of just throwing us in the water worked 100% of the time! My condolences to the family.


Brenda Moore Thomas posted on 6/4/19

A great teacher and leader, very nice family.


Bobby Emery Trembly posted on 6/4/19

I send my love to Luba’s family and in her memory and of the friendship with my mother Blondie “Emery” Trembly, a lifelong friend. Two Powhatan girls walking up and down the hill in their prom finest.